BMW steals the show at Red Star with two superb races

BMW ///M Performance Parts Race Series – Round 03 – Red Star Raceway – 2022-03-05

The season’s first round of the Historic and Inland Championship took place at Red Star Raceway on Saturday 5 March and the BMW ///M Performance Parts Series was the top drawcard on a day of varied entertainment.

In qualifying, late on Saturday morning, William Einkamerer put his BTAS BMW E92 335i in pole position ahead of Fabio Fedetto (BMW F82 M4). Despite gearbox problems yet again, Andreas Meier (#TrainedAmateurs BMW E36 STC) was able to put in a lap good enough for pole position in Class B, with Carlo Garbini (Kimbo Coffee BMW E46 328i Turbo) in second place. Salvi Gualtieri (Savspeed / Eataly Foods BMW E36 328i Turbo) was a notable absentee with a computer box issue side-lining him for the day. Another absentee was Thomas Potgieter (Stone Hill Properties BMW F82 M4) who suffered a big crash in Friday practice when a faulty calliper left him with no brakes at over 200 kph at the end of the long straight that completes the clockwise lap of the circuit. The off- track excursion came to a halt near a new petrol station being erected in the grounds at RSR. A shaken and bruised driver was thankfully present on Saturday to watch proceedings.

Lyle Ramsay (Fuchs Lubricants / Rich Racing BMW E36 330i) was looking good with pole in Class C, some way ahead of Trevor Long (Roof Surgeon BMW E36 M3), who nevertheless was looking purposeful. In Class D Shane Grobler (Mayfair Gearbox BMW E30 330i) did a sterling job of heading the field with Varish Ganpath (Prodigy BMW E46 330ci Turbo) right behind him, all set and ready for two good races that the pair were to enjoy later in the day. Bernard de Gouveia (de Gouveia Accountants BMW E36 330i) led the Class E trio consisting of Nicholas Fischer (Inside Active Group BMW E36 328i), Bertie Rietveld (Bertie Rietveld Knives BMW E36 328i) and himself.

Class A: William Einkamerer (BTAS BMW E92 335i)


Race 1:

A late start saw the field roar off the grid well into the afternoon and Einkamerer was immediately off into the distance not to be troubled for the 8 laps that followed. Behind him though it was the usual hustle and bustle between a very competitive field. In Class B Meier took the lead followed closely by Jan Eversteyn (African Surprise BMW E46 M3) and Garbini. Young Nicholas van Zyl (RSR BMW E36 328i Turbo) was also keeping a close eye on the trio.

In Class C Ramsay was soon in control with Trevor Long and Troy Cochran (Arrow Automotive BMW E36 M3) enjoying a good scrap of their own. Further back Hein van der Merwe was trying to make headway in the distinctly liveried Stigworx BMW E36 328i Turbo sporting the yellow and blue colours of the Ukrainian flag on its roof, in support of the beleaguered nation. In Class D Grobler and Ganpath were making good on their promise from qualifying and were keeping each other busy. Bernard de Gouveia was leading Class E with Nicholas Fischer hot on his heels with Lorenzo Gualtieri (Savspeed / Pick n Pay Oakfields BMW E90 335i) making his way through the field after starting at the back of the grid in his much faster Class B entry.

Meier then started to drop back into the clutches of Nicholas van Zyl and Carlo Garbini when his gears started playing tricks on him again. He recovered to resume the battle with the class B leaders. Post event a gear position sensor was found to be the culprit. Alan Hilligenn (C3 Shared Services BMW E46 328i Turbo) then had a big off due to another brake failure which resulted in extensive damage to the front of his immaculate orange car. Newcomer Arrie van der Berg (A&A Dealings E36 M3 Turbo) was furiously making his way through the field when a series of spins caused much mayhem and despair to those around him in the lower ranks and he eventually retired for the day with an overheating engine.

After 8 lively laps, Einkamerer took the win ahead of Carlo Garbini and Jan Eversteyn. Lyle Ramsay was largely untroubled in Class C, with Trevor Long and Troy Cochran enjoying a good race too and taking second and third respectively. Hein van der Merwe dropped down the order with a broken engine mounting. In Class D Grobler just pipped Ganpath for the win with newcomer Riaan Lubbe (BMW E36 328i) some way down in third. De Gouveia claimed the Class E win, ahead of Fischer and Rietveld.

Class B: Carlo Garbini (Kimbo Coffee BMW E46 328i Turbo)


Race 1 Results per Class:

Class A:

1. William Einkamerer – 02:02.579

2. Fabio Fedetto – 02:04.252

Class B:

1. Carlo Garbini – 02:04.030

2. Jan Eversteyn – 02:06.713  

3. Andreas Meier – 02:04.151

Class C:

1. Lyle Ramsay – 02:07.796

2. Trevor Long – 02:09.608     

3. Troy Cochran – 02:10.578

Class D:

1. Shane Grobler – 02:12.687

2. Varish Ganpath – 02:12.111

3. Riaan Lubbe – 02:13.732

Class E:

1. Bernard de Gouveia – 02:19.451

2. Nicholas Fischer – 02:20.172

3. Bertie Rietveld – 02:25.082

Fastest Lap: William Einkamerer – 02:02.579 in Lap 1

Class C: Trevor Long (Roof Surgeon BMW E36 M3)



Race 2:

With darkness fast approaching, due to a programme that had run late for quite some time, the BMW field ended the day’s proceedings and set off for race 2. William Einkamerer again reeled off 8 laps and won without too much effort with Fedetto finishing runner up and completing a good day. Behind them however a classic was brewing. In Class B Nicholas van Zyl initially led and resolutely held off Meier, Eversteyn and Garbini. However, the trio of grizzled veterans eventually passed the young former champion who was struggling with fuel surge and then a troublesome gearbox. Garbini went on to win from The German and Eversteyn.

In Class C Hein van der Merwe led Mish-Al Sing (TuneTech BMW E30 325is) with Cochran, Ramsay and Long chasing furiously. Sing relieved van der Merwe of the lead, with Cochran and Long right behind him. Ramsay retired with an absent fan belt. Sing had ended heat 1 with a broken accelerator cable but came back to win a thriller with Cochran and Long a whisker behind him, the pair having enjoyed a fruitful day.

In Class D Nicholas Herbst (Green House Solar BMW E90 330i) initially led Manny Ribeiro (BMW Car Club BMW E46 330i Touring) and Riaan Lubbe. The latter then ran off the road at turn 1 and soon retired. Varish Ganpath and Shane Grobler however were relentless in their pursuit of the class leaders, and eventually finished first and second ahead of Herbst. Vigen Naidu (SA Auto Tech BMW E36 M3) again impressed with another solid finish in fourth as he garners experience in his debut season.

Nicholas Fischer took the Class E honours, with de Gouveia retiring with a broken alternator. Bertie Rietveld was a non-starter, after feeling unwell. Lorenzo Gualtieri again retired with a fuel pump problem which also plagued him in the first race. Dawie Olivier (International Race Supplies BMW E30 M3) had a somewhat dismal day, after not starting heat 1 with a suspension problem and ending heat 2 prematurely after contact with another competitor.

Class D: Shane Grobler (Mayfair Gearbox BMW E30 330i)


Race 2 Results per Class:

Class A:

1. William Einkamerer – 02:03.534

2. Fabio Fedetto – 02:03.892

Class B:

1. Carlo Garbini – 02:05.153

2. Andreas Meier – 02:04.824

3. Jan Eversteyn – 02:05.426

Class C:

1. Mish-al Sing – 02:10.893

2. Troy Cochran – 02:09.991  

3. Trevor Long – 02:09.451

Class D:

1. Varish Ganpath – 02:11.530

2. Shane Grobler – 02:13.154

3. Nicholas Herbst – 02:12.921

Class E:

1. Nicholas Fischer – 02:21.539

2. Bernard de Gouveia – 02:20.564

Fastest Lap: William Einkamerer – 02:03.534 in Lap 6

Class E: Nicholas Fischer (Inside Active Group BMW E36 328i)


Driver of the Day went to Carlo Garbini for his consistent performance of late and double race win in this round of the championship.

An extensive 2 month break now follows, after which the Red Star Raceway will host a Regional Extreme Festival on 14 May that will see round 4 of this fiercely contested BMW Series as part of the day’s proceedings.

Story by Tony Alves.

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