BMW ///M Performance Race Series basks in the Goldfields sunshine

BMW ///M Performance Parts Race Series – Round 07 – Phakisa Freeway – 2022-09-10

A sunny spring day greeted the BMW ///M Performance Race Series at Phakisa on Saturday, with high temperatures affecting everyone to some degree. Pre-race retirements on Friday included Rob Gearing ( E30 335is), Alan Hilligenn (C3 Shared Services BMW E46 328i Turbo) Nishal Singh (Autonische BMW E36 330i) and Hein van der Merwe (BMW 328i Turbo) all of whom were afflicted various mechanical issues.

In qualifying, run on Friday afternoon to accommodate the Phakisa 200 on Saturday, Arrie van der Berg put his A&A Dealings E36 M3 Turbo in pole position with a time of 1:44.038 ahead of William Einkamerer  (BTAS BMW E92 335i) and Leon Loubser (BMW E92 335i). In Class B Andreas Meier (#TrainedAmateurs BMW E36 STC) led the way with the fastest time, ahead of Carlo Garbini (Kimbo Coffee BMW E46 328i Turbo) and Rick Loureiro (Combined Racing BMW E30 325is). Renier Smith (BMW E36 M3 Turbo) took pole position in Class C ahead of the ever improving Dewit Oosthuizen (Share Tracking, Spanjaard, Jonnesway Tools BMW E92 M3) and Trevor Long (Big Boss Auto/Roof Surgeon BMW E36 M3), while in Class D Shane Grobler (Mayfair Gearbox BMW E30 330i)  was fastest  with Jaco Storm (Truewood Furniture BMW E46 330i Turbo) second and Nicholas Herbst  (Greenhouse BMW E90 330i) third. Storm had broken out of Class E, where championship leader Nicholas Fischer (InsideActive Group BMW E36 328i) inherited pole position after Nishal Singh withdrew pre-event with a blown engine. Dave Rehse (D&K BMW E36 328i) took second place on the grid and Bertie Rietveld ( BMW E36 330i) third.  

Class A: William Einkamerer (BTAS E92 335i)


On a cloudless and hot late morning off they went for race 1, with Arrie van der Berg jumping into the lead ahead of Einkamerer and Loubser. Meier held sway in Class B ahead of Garbini and Loureiro with the rest giving furious chase. In Class C Renier Smith was holding off Osthuizen who had Long and a charging Dawie Olivier (International Race Supplies BMW E30 M3) hot on his heels. Shane Grobler led a furious 6 car battle in Class D, with Nicholas Fischer fending off Rehse in Class E. Amidst all the hurly burly, it was easy to overlook Jagger Robertson’s charge through the field in the Big Boss AutoAuto/Viking/LiquiMoly BMW E46 M3. The youngster had not qualified on Friday afternoon, due to an urgent visit to his dentist and was not at his best on Saturday morning, but nevertheless was scything his way through the field. He would eventually finish 6th overall! At the front van der Berg kept his lead to the flag, while Einkamerer lost places and slid down the order with a misfire. Meier finished second, with Loubser third. Renier Smith led home Oosthuizen in Class C with Trevor Long pipping Dawie Olivier to third place on the podium.  Class D belonged to Shane Grobler, with Jaco Storm runner up and Nicholas Herbst a strong third. Dave Rehse beat Fischer to first place in Class E, with Fischer runner up. More importantly perhaps, the latter did not take any further part in the day’s proceedings having blown a head gasket. His championship lead will have been affected, how much depending on the final points tally still to be worked out.

Class C: Renier Smith (BMW E36 M3Turbo)


Results per Class

Class A:

1. Arrie van der Berg – 1:43.804

2. Leon Loubser – 1:46.950

3. William Einkamerer – 1:45.613

Class B:

1. Andreas Meier – 1:47.005

2. Carlo Garbini – 1:48.614

3. Rick Loureiro – 1:48.886

Class C:

1. Renier Smith – 1:52.363

2. Dewit Oosthuizen – 1:52.997

3. Trevor Long – 1:53.236

Class D:

1. Shane Grobler – 1:56.602

2. Jaco Storm – 1:57.341

3. Nicholas Herbst – 1:57.370

Class E:

1. Dave Rehse – 2:01.160

2. Nicholas Fischer – 2:01.233

3. Bertie Rietveld – 2:04.550


Fastest Lap: Arrie van der Berg – 1:43.804 on Lap 2


Besides Fischer, Dawie Olivier, Mark Jones and race 1 winner van der Berg also did not come out for the afternoon event, overheating being a prime cause of all the retirements.


Fabio Fedetto (BMW F82 M4) led the inverted grid by class off the lights to start race 2, but Loubser and Einkamerer were soon by to fight for the lead. In Class B Jan Eversteyn (African Surprise BMW E46 M3) led Robertson, but Garbini powered his way to the front and began pulling away, while in Class C Neil Reynolds (Valve Hospital BMW E36 M3) led Long, with Smith and Oosthuizen soon resuming their morning battle for supremacy. In Class D Bernard de Gouveia (de Gouveia Accountants BMW E46 330cs) and Craig Herbst disputed the top spot with Nicholas Herbst and Eugene Gouws (Master Mowers BMW E36 M3 Turbo) not far behind. Having started at the back of the class grid Grobler was trying to get through the field. Dave Rehse led Bertie Rietveld in Class E.

Class D: Jaco Storm (Truewood Furniture BMW E46 330i Turbo)


Leon Loubser then stopped out on the circuit, and that left Einkamerer alone at the front albeit with a persistent misfire and worsening tyre wear slowing him. Garbini was closing him down with the indomitable teenager Robertson not far behind, the pair eventually finishing 2nd and 3rd (subject to adjudication). In Class C Smith won from Oosthuizen to cap an excellent day for the pair. Troy Cochran salvaged an excellent third. Jaco Storm(ed) his way to the front of Class D with Craig (Victron Energy BMW E46 330i) and Nicholas Herbst completing the podium. Bertie Rietveld was a delighted first in Class E with Dave Rehse second.


Class B results are subject to adjudication post event. Jaco Storm was the winner of the Driver of the Day Award.

Class E: David Rehse (D&K Racing BMW E36 328i)


Results per Class

Class A:

1. William Einkamerer – 1:47.250

2. Fabio Fedetto – 1:53.147


Class B:

Subject to Confirmation

Class C:

1. Renier Smith – 1:52.483

2. Dewit Oosthuizen – 1:53.269

3. Troy Cochran – 1:55.013

Class D:

1. Jaco Storm – 1:55.980

2. Craig Herbst – 1:58.264

3. Nicholas Herbst – 1:57.540

Class E:

1. Bertie Rietveld – 2:01.269

2. Dave Rehse – 2:00.989


Fastest Lap: Leon Loubser – 1:45.165 on Lap 2


The BMW ///M Performance Race Series’ next event is at the BMW M Festival which takes place at Kyalami on 15 and 16 October.


Story by Tony Alves


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