A balmy day in the Free State delivers some great racing in the BMW ///M Performance Race Series

BMW ///M Performance Parts Race Series – Round 06 – Phakisa Freeway – 2022-07-16

A frosty morning at Phakisa Raceway on Saturday gave way to pleasantly warm temperatures and a cloudless sky giving a small crowd some excellent racing on a typical winter’s day in the Goldfields.

In the BMW /// M Performance Race Series it was Salvi Gualtieri (Savspeed / Eataly Food E36 328i Turbo) in Class B who took pole position in the morning’s qualifying session ahead of the slick shod Class A entry of Fabio Fedetto (BMW F82 M4) and young Jagger Robertson (Big Boss Auto / Liqui Moly / Viking). Behind them came Andreas Meier (#Trainedamateurs BMW E36 STC), Carlo Garbini (Kimbo Coffee BMW E46 328i Turbo) and Lorenzo Gualtieri (Savspeed / Pick n Pay Oakfield BMW E90 335i). These top six cars on the grid were covered by 0.40 seconds, ensuring a mouth-watering day ahead. Class A regulars William Einkamerer (BTAS BMW E92 335i) and Arrie van Der Berg (A&A Dealings BMW E36 M3 Turbo) were non-starters due to mechanical issues.

In Class C, Dawie Olivier (International Race Supplies BMW E30 M3) was the man to beat with the best time, but in so doing, he broke out into Class B. Olivier elected to stay in Class C but was given a 30sec time penalty which dropped him to the back of the grid for the start. In Class D Anand Naidu (S A Autotech BMW E36 M3) was putting his experience of Phakisa on regional days to good use, by taking the top spot on the grid. Arri van Heerden (V-Tech Motorsport BMW E30 325i) and Nicholas Herbst (GreenHouse BMW E90 330i) were next up. In Class E, newcomer Dave Rehse (D&K Racing BMW E36 328i) led Nicholas Fischer (InSide Active Group BMW E36 328i) and Mike Grobler (Grobler Motorsport BMW E36/7 Z3).

Class A: Fabio Fedetto (BMW F82 M4)


Race 1

Race 1 got underway shortly after noon, and Salvi Gualtieri jumped into an immediate lead. Meier was soon on the chase though, with Robertson and Garbini also disposing of Fedetto and beginning a huge battle of their own. In Class C, Troy Cochran (Arrow Automotive/ATE/NGK BMW E36 M3) and Trevor Long (Roof Surgeon BMW E36 M3) were leading the way with Renier Smith (BMW E36 M3 Turbo) hot on their heels.

Behind them, Varish Ganpath (Prodigy BMW E46 330 Ci Turbo) also in Class C, having broken out in qualifying, was having a great tussle with Nick Naidoo (Wardens Cartage BMW 1M). In Class D, Van Heerden and Naidu were soon locking horns as well, while in Class E, Fischer and Rehse kept each other company.

At the front Meier pursued Gualtieri relentlessly and eventually passed him to take a lead he kept to the finish. Garbini held on for third with Robertson just behind him. A delighted Smith won Class C from Long with Olivier having clawed his way back to 3rd place. Cochran jumped the start and was penalised by 30 seconds.

Naidu was thrilled with the top spot in Class D, finishing ahead of Shane Grobler (Mayfair Gearbox BMW E30 330i) and Manny Ribeiro (BMW Car Club Gauteng BMW E46 330i Touring). Van Heerden, unfortunately, retired having run bearings. Fischer took the Class E honours, doing his overall title aspirations no harm. Rehse was second.

Class B: Salvi Gualtieri (Savspeed / Eataly Food BMW E36 328i Turbo)


Race 1 Results per class

Class A:

1. Fabio Fedetto (1:48.234)

2. Thomas Potgieter (1:50.450)

Class B:

1. Andreas Meier (1:46.108)

2. Salvi Gualtieri (1:46.543)

3. Carlo Garbini (1:47.072)

Class C:

1. Renier Smith (1:50.862)

2. Trevor Long (1:51.378)

3. Dawie Olivier (1:50.828)

Class D:

1. Anand Naidu (1:54.857)

2. Shane Grobler (1:55.836)

3. Manny Ribeiro (1:56.580)

Class E:

1. Nicholas Fischer (2:03.426)

2. Dave Rehse (2:03.338)

3. Mike Grobler (2:08.443)

Fastest Lap: Andreas Meier (1:46.108) on Lap 2

Class C: Dawie Olivier (International Race Supplies BMW E30 M3)


Race 2

The inverted grid by class format for Race 2 ensured there would be lots of action for the afternoon’s 8 lapper. However, some would not get to enjoy it. Besides Van Heerden, Mark Jones put his car on the trailer for the long drive home, after blowing a head gasket.

Potgieter had a difficult morning with a down power machine. Nevertheless, he led the field away for Race 2, but was soon swallowed up by the pack. Robertson was soon at the front and started building a lead while behind him the rest asserted themselves. Garbini was an early retirement with a broken differential, but Jan Eversteyn (African Surprise BMW E46 M3) was also looking strong after clawing his way from the back of the grid in the morning race and starting Race 2 at the front of the Class B.Meier and Gualtieri resumed their no holds barred battle which later ended somewhat acrimoniously.

In Class C, Dawie Olivier was also asserting his authority with Smith giving chase, but behind them Long, Dewit Oosthuizen (ShareTrackin, Spanjaard, Jonnesway tools, Lowbros, Millennium 7 perfomance BMW E 92 M3), Ganpath, Naidoo and Neil Reynolds (Valve Hospital BMW E36 M3) were bringing back fond memories of days gone by at this track with a riveting battle. In Class D, father and son duo Craig (Victron Energy BMW E46 330i) and Nicholas Herbst had also settled in for a terrific scrap with Naidu and Shane Grobler. Ribeiro retired with a gearbox issue. In Class E Fischer and Rehse were sparring away with Mike Grobler keeping an eye on the pair.

At the front Robertson led with Meier looking ever more threatening, having passed Eversteyn and Gualtieri. At the flag, the teenager won from the German, with Gualtieri in third spot. Olivier won Class C capping an excellent day to complete a performance that also saw him take the Driver of the Day award. Long was a solid second, with Oosthuizen equally impressive in third spot. Ganpath and Naidoo had come together and could not repeat the morning’s performance. Cochran was again penalised for a jump start. Renier Smith was penalised with 30 seconds added to his race time after breaking out into Class B times, but also electing to stay put going forward.

Craig Herbst pipped son Nicholas for first place in Class D, with Shane Grobler holding on for third. Naidu had spun out of the fight earlier. Bernard de Gouveia (De Gouveia Accountants BMW E46 330cs) was also docked 30 seconds for a jump start. Fischer took the honours in Class E, with Rehse surviving a lurid spin at the ultra fast sweep at the bottom of the back straight to claim the runner-up spot.

Meier was then given a 20 second penalty after contact with Gualtieri, and dropped down the order to fourth place.

Class D: Anand Naidu (S A Autotech BMW E36 M3)


Race 2 Results per class

Class A:

1. Thomas Potgieter (1:50 594)

2. Fabio Fedetto (1:50.120)

Class B:

1. Jagger Robertson (1:47.428)

2. Salvi Gualtieri (1:47.934)

3. Jan Eversteyn (1:49.181)

Class C:

1. Dawie Olivier (1:51.818)

2. Trevor Long (1:51.809)

3. Dewit Oosthuizen (1:53.246)

Class D:

1. Craig Herbst (1:57.229)

2. Nicholas Herbst (1:57.042)

3. Shane Grobler (1:57.028)

Class E:

1. Nicholas Fischer (2:02.329)

2. Dave Rehse (2:01.919)

Fastest Lap: Andreas Meier (1:46.511) on Lap 6

Round 7 of the 2022 BMW ///M Performance Parts Race Series will see a return to Phakisa Freeway on Saturday, September 10.

Class E: Nicholas Fischer (InSide Active Group BMW E36 328i)



Story by Tony Alves


Report and Event Photographs: www.RacePics.co.za

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