Deon Holliday Jnr took the Class B title after a thrilling day’s racing. Picture: Reynard Gelderblom

Holliday Jnr takes Class B title after fierce Challenge

Heading into Round 8 of the 2018 as the Class B underdog, finished the November 9-10 race weekend as class champion. The Polo driver came back from four points down at Zwartkops Raceway to take the title with a two-point winning margin.

Deon Holliday Jnr took the Class B title after a thrilling day’s racing. Picture: Reynard Gelderblom
Deon Holliday Jnr took the Class B title after a thrilling day’s racing. Picture: Reynard Gelderblom

Friday’s practice sessions were hampered by oil-on-track, but Holliday Jnr felt confident ahead of Saturday morning’s qualifying session. He secured sixth place on the grid, but a reclassification of results saw him slotting into fifth place. This saw him starting ahead of championship leader Jacques Smith who found himself back in eleventh position.

It however didn’t take Smith long to make his way through the Class B midfield in pursuit of Holliday Jnr, who in turn was trying to make his way past Mohamed Dangor. This trio had a thorough tussle through the middle stages of the race. Eventually Holliday Jnr made his way past Dangor with Smith doing the same shortly afterwards. Holliday Jnr was however in a comfortable position to finish in fourth place with Smith just over half a second behind him in fifth place. Race winner Jody Robertson however did not complete enough rounds in the season to be eligible for championship points which therefore saw the pair taking the points for respective third and fourth position. This saw the gap on the points table decrease to three points.

During the afternoon’s second race Holliday finished in second place on track, but with Robertson taken out of the results he scored the 10 points for a win. Smith’s efforts were hampered early on due to a collision, but he managed to make his way through the field to sixth position; scoring the four points for fifth place as well as the point for fastest lap. The category is utilizing the “Drop points” system, but for both drivers this meant that zero points were deducted. Holliday Jnr took the title by two points. His efforts in Class B also saw him securing third place on the category championship log.

An ecstatic Holliday Jnr speaks of the weekend: “What a day. We knew we would have a battle on our hands to pass Jacques on the log. The first race was certainly a fierce contest. From there we knew that the only thing we could really do in the second race was give it our best shot, it’s only once I got out of the car in parc ferme that I knew that we won the class title. Thank you for everyone who made this season possible through their dedicated efforts. Most importantly I’d also like to thank our sponsors Monitor Net, Centapart Motor Parts, and .”

In addition, he would also like to acknowledge and thank the associate sponsors of the MotorMart VW Challenge for making this exciting category possible: , , , , Pozidrive and .

Story by Reynard Gelderblom – Monitor Net


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