Car issues forced Kriel to withdraw from Zwartkops Falken Polo Cup races

It was a dismal fifth round of the for at Zwartkops Raceway.

The July 26-27 event saw the MotorMart Racing driver unable to determine the cause of the technical issues that hampered his performance. Subsequently he withdrew from the event after qualifying in 20th position.

Ongoing car problems saw Stiaan Kriel withdrawing from the fifth round of the 2019 Falken Polo Cup. Picture: Raymond Cornwell

Friday morning started with Kriel suffering from a broken shock absorber in the first practice session, but even with this replaced, things did not improve through the rest of the day.

“The car is virtually undrivable. We’ve certainly looked at all options and ran comparisons with other cars, notably reigning champion Jeffrey Kruger’s Polo GTi. We are beyond the point of simply just being frustrated.”

Kriel continues regarding his withdrawal from the event: “I don’t like to give up or give in, it simply is not something that’s in my nature. Knowing that we had no chance to string together two good results and mindful that we’ll at best be fighting in the midfield, we took the decision to rather prevent any further damage and withdrew from Round 5 after Qualifying.”

Stiaan Kriel would like to thank the following sponsors for making his 2019 Falken Polo Cup season possible: MotorMart Klerksdorp, , , , , , , and .

Round 6 of the Falken Polo Cup will take place at the Border Motorsport Grand Prix Circuit on August 30-31.

Story by Reynard Gelderblom on behalf of Stiaan Kriel Racing / MotorMart Klerksdorp

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