Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-80 Historic Saloons - Paige Lindenberg

Historic Tour – Round 04 – 05 August 2017 – Dezzi Raceway – Race Preview

Historic Tour - 2017For Round 4 the famous Historic Tour will travel down to the KwaZulu-Natal coastal town of Port Shepstone to do battle at the Dezzi Raceway on the 5th of August 2017. The local racing fans will be treated to some of the country’s most beautiful historic and classic cars putting up one of the best racing shows in South Africa.

The treat of the day and main attraction will be the ever growing grid of the Pre-1990 Sports & GT Cars. Boasting with a grid of 911 RSR Porsche’s it is expected that Peter Jenkins (Porsche 911 RSR) will head up the challenge. He will face tough competition from the likes of George Avvakoumides (Porsche 911 RSR) and new entrant Keagan Pottas (Alfa Romeo GTV). Ready to pounce on any mistake by the leaders will be Fritz Kleynhans (Porsche 911) and Mark Saunders (Porsche 924).

With the championship starting to take shape in the all eyes will be on the overall championship leaders tied on points, Deon Van Vuuren (Ford Escort Mk1) and Marco Verwey (1972 Datsun De Lux). Racing in different classes, van Vuuren is expected to face a tough challenge from the likes of Meredith Willis (1979 Ford Escort) and Marius Verwey (1974 Datsun GX Coupe) in class E. Marco Verwey will find his opposition coming in the form of Harry Lombard (VW Beetle) and John Bronner (Alfa Romeo GT Junior). Out front it will be Johan Smith (1976 Mazda Carella RS) currently lying in second overall in the championship having to defend against big hitters such as Paige Lindenberg (1968 Ford Fairlane), Miguel Ribeiro (1979 Alfa Romeo Gtam), Colin Ellison (1966 Alfa Giulia Sprint) and Neil Lobb (1976 Fiat 131).

The Classic Thoroughbred category will impress with entrants such as Kyle Murray (Nissan Sentra),  Dewald Nel (Datsun 1600J), Colin Green (Mazda 323) and season newcomer Steward McClarty (Mazda 323)

After mixed results at the previous round at Red Star Raceway Dean Venter will need a consistent performance if he wants to take charge of the championship. David Jermy will, however, be a force to reckon with after his excellent performance in the previous round. He will be joined by the likes of Jeff Gable and Alex Vos to make things as difficult as possible for Venter.

Also on offer on the day will be the large fields of the category. Expected to lead out front is the force induced car of Neil de Later (Birkin 7 – Toyota). The class B challenge will once again see Jeffrey Kruger (Birkin 7 – Toyota), Jeff Gable (Birkin 7 – Toyota), David Jermy (Taylon 7 – Toyota) and Thomas Falkiner (Taylon 7 – Toyota) race head-to-head for podium honours. Rowan Blomquist (Birkin 7 – Toyota) is expected to lead the class C challenge whereas Mackie Adlam (Locost Rocam) will be the man to beat in Class L.

The beautifully prepared Alfa Romeo GTV6 will lead the races. He will however not have it all that easy and could face a stiff challenge from Keagan Pottas (Alfa Romeo GTV) and Mario Rossi (Alfa Romeo GTV6). Expected next up the road will see Colin Ellison (Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint) having to fend off Miguel Ribeiro (Alfa Romeo Gtam) and newcomer Rohan Jarvis (Alfa Romeo GT Junior).

A contingent of the SKF Pre’66 Legends Production Cars, Under 2 Liter and LITTLE Giants will see the U2 challenge being led by Alan Poulter (Volvo 122S). So far this year he has faced a lot of pressure from the likes of Mike O’Sullivan (BMW 2000 Tisa) and Roger Houston (Alfa Giulia Super). Ishmael Baloyi (Alfa Dart) and Chris Visagie (Ford Anglia) will lead the battle in the LITTLE Giants category, and racing’s sweetheart Cindy Evans-Finney (Renault R8) will race in the Legends Production Cars category.

Closing the day will be the race. The outright winner from the previous round Peter Jenkins is expected to take charge once again. Fritz Kleynhans will be lurking to keep him honest contesting the Sports Car category. The Saloon Car category challenge will be led by entrants in the form of Jan Jacobs (1965 Alfa Romeo GT Junior), defending champion Hubi von Moltke (1976 Mercedes-Benz 280CE) and Djurk Venter (1968 Ford Escort).

The will also compete in this weekend’s Historic Tour round, before returning to Mpumalanga two weeks later for the next round of the Inland Championship at Red Star Raceway. In terms of the title chase, Upton and Stadler have been locked in combat since day one, and will likely continue to do so, but Altan Bouw,C harl Roux, Willie Erasmus and Jordan Larsson will all have a say in how matters evolve in the busy month ahead.

Qualifying is set to commence at 07:00 and racing proper is expected to start at 09:00. The Endurance race is scheduled to start around 16:10 the afternoon. Entrance will cost you R50 per person and R30 for kids.


Marlboro Crane Hire Pre-80 Historic Saloons - Paige Lindenberg
Marlboro Crane Hire Pre’80 Historic Saloons – Paige Lindenberg
Pre'90 Sports & GT - Peter Jenkins
Pre’90 Sports & GT – Peter Jenkins
Investchem Formula Ford Kent - David Jermy
Investchem Formula Ford Kent – David Jermy
Metal Used Spares Alfa Trofeo Challenge - Colin Ellison
Metal Used Spares Alfa Trofeo Challenge – Colin Ellison
INEX Legends - Stompie Stadler
INEX Legends – Stompie Stadler
Sabat Lotus Challenge - Jeffrey Kruger
Sabat Lotus Challenge – Jeffrey Kruger
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